Our team


We are proud to introduce you to a multidisciplinary team, bringing together experts with diverse skills in the fields of real estate and construction. 

With many years of cumulative experience in the industry, our team is now ready to offer you its know-how, expertise, and dedication to excellence. 

With the support of a seasoned and multidisciplinary administrative team, here are the members who make up this passionate team, ready to bring to life your most ambitious real estate projects :

Maxim Audet
Development and operations

With extensive experience in real estate and project management, Maxim excels in organization, designing innovative management strategies, and constantly seeking ways to increase operational efficiency. As a passionate leader, Maxim is the conductor of the Alyzé team, juggling human resources, information technologies, and everything in between.


 Philippe Bouclin

Philippe, an enthusiast of real estate since a young age! Since the beginning of his career, Philippe has made his mark on major projects in Quebec. He notably led the acquisition of the former Molson brewery site while working for Groupe Sélection, an achievement that resulted in a historic agreement with the City of Montreal. He has also been involved in the development of over 8,000 units and collaborated on significant strategic partnerships with key industry players. His expertise also extends to land acquisition and enhancement projects exceeding $300 million. 

Audrey Anne Bouclin
Marketing AND communications

Audrey Anne, the driving force behind marketing and communications! With diverse experience, she oversees the marketing of our real estate projects, marketing and communication strategy, and the selection, hiring, and training of sales and leasing advisors. Creative, energetic, and a natural leader, she infuses every project at Alyzé with dynamism. 


Jean-Christophe Couet

Jean-Christophe is a true enthusiast of real estate and urban environments. Naturally curious, he constantly seeks to stay informed about new projects and trends shaping the industry. While he possesses a highly developed creative sense, it's his logical and rational side that often leads him to make wise decisions. At Alyzé, Jean-Christophe's role is to uncover the best development opportunities and fully exploit their potential. 


Jérémie Desgroseilliers

Jérémie, the finance and investment ace! Throughout his career, he has spearheaded property acquisitions totaling over $300 million and established financing partnerships for more than 6,500 residential units. With his successful track record, we are proud to entrust Jérémie with the direction of finance and investments for all Alyzé projects. 


Patrice Deslauriers

Patrice is much more than just an architect: he's a maestro of habitat! Specializing in the design of large-scale residential projects, his work involves creating dynamic, functional, and efficient living spaces, placing humans at the heart of every consideration. His passion for architecture is inseparable from his love for travel, where he finds endless inspiration to fuel his creativity. Attentive to the smallest details, Patrice views each new adventure as an opportunity to enrich his creative palette and prepare for future innovative projects. 


Carl Labrecque

Carl, a man of multiple passions and talents! Since the beginning of his career, Carl has been involved in the construction of over 4,600 units and has led several major projects in Quebec, such as Espace Montmorency in Laval. Diligent, transparent, honest, and a unifier, Carl embodies essential values in his profession. His collaborative spirit with clients enables him to optimize projects and add value to each building. 


Vincent Milette 
Partnerships and legal affairs

Vincent is a real estate enthusiast who loves meeting people and our business partners at Alyzé. With his legal background as a lawyer and keen interest in business development, he oversees everything related to prospecting, acquisitions, partnerships, and various real estate investments. 

Yves Mongeau
CONSTRUCTION and asset maintenance

Yves is a cornerstone of the Alyzé team, bringing invaluable expertise in real estate development and construction. With a career spanning over 30 years in the field, Yves has played a crucial role in the realization of 14,000 rental units and condos, thus contributing to shaping the urban landscape of Quebec.